brake company

With their beautiful harmonies, their catchy melodies and their musical diversity, Eindhoven-based rock band 'Brake Company' gives the audience exactly what they want. Whether their songs are about heartbreak, a mad love or taking a beautiful journey, they want to bring "Genuine Joy" back to the world. Rock is what this band exudes and it is rock what this band presents. But also check out the menu and see something for everyone's music taste. A touch of rock 'n roll, the addition of theatrical presentation, energetic performance, the folk, the ballads, the blues and the anthems. Brake Company delivers it all.


Support: Alverman
Three random ordinary guys pursuing their musical dreams by bringing back the 'vintage vibe' with a modern twist. Their music is best described as recognizable but unique; reminiscent of 70's prog-rock, 80's new-wave and 90's alternative music. They will serve as a support act at Brake Company's album release show.


Open: 19.30

Tickets: €6,-