Jabbar, a versatile artist who blends Electronic, Pop, Deephouse, Downtempo, and Europop genres and rocks the charts with “Raf”, “Cesaretsizce Olmuyor” and “Unuttum Derdimi”.


Jabbar started his music career in Turkey, experimenting with genres like Brit Pop, Classic Rock, Reggae, and Hip Hop. His collaboration with Deeperise, particularly on the song "Raf," marked a key milestone, leading to the creation of his praised solo album "Yineleme," which includes popular tracks such as "Cesaretsizce olmuyor." Celebrated for his steadfast commitment to music, enthusiasm for sports, and continual collaborative projects, Jabbar remains a significant influence with songs like "Geçmi? de?i?mez" and "Unuttum Derdimi.". Genres : Electronic, Pop, Deephouse, Downtempo, Europop.



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