kidi blixum

After 4 years, Kidi Blixum's debut album is finally out. Expect a musical journey through the desert landscape of Egypt past ancient temples and forgotten pyramids. Kidi has played all the instruments himself, from saz to electronic flutes and he is supported by extra musicians during this hybrid live show. Prepare for an evening full of the coolest Arabic synthesizer lines and very danceable beats, so you can dance.


Support acts this evening:


Brian Omen.

Brian Omen is an interdisciplinary artist who has a foothold in music, fragrance and design. Last year he released a mini-album on the Intercept Records label, and this year made his DJ debut at the Intercept label party. With his experimental ambient/noise sound, this artist sets the perfect tone for the line-up.


John konatty.

Inspired by different cultures and people, John tries to bring music types together in a danceable way. Last year he worked on his new EP called 'Mudita!', an ode to the well-being of others with turkish trip hop and worldly dance music!



19:30 Doors open

20:00/21:00 Brian omen

21:00/21:30 Break

21:30/23:00 Kidi Blixum

23:00/00:00 John konatty