neverus (album release show)

Breathe. Dive. Surface. Swim. 
Plunge into the melodic intensity of Neverus.  

Join us on Friday 28th April for the release show of the band's highly-anticipated debut album, "Burdens of the Earth"!  

Neverus present a whirlwind of speed, melody, and energy, with their recent singles having gone down a storm. In support, our friends and heroes Vanaheim will be opening the night, bringing their own twist of catchy Pagan Folk metal that will rouse the spirits and awaken the giants! Finally, Sisters of Suffocation, titans of the Eindhoven metal scene, will headline the night with their death metal fury. 

Doors: 19.30
Start: 20.00
Entrance: €12 (pre), €15 (door)