puurliedjes: de luistersessies

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During PUURliedjes (the listening sessions) you’ll hear semi-acoustic versions of songs written by your favorite artists of tomorrow! Line up with acts like Dani Antal, Ellenor Vora and John NotLennon. Date: Tuesday October 27th 2020. 

During the new PUURliedjes ‘The Listening Sessions’ the focus will be on the songs and the listening experience again. In the venue there will be a cosy atmosphere and you can hear the most beautiful songs. The Line-up for this edition contains acts like:

Ellenor Vora
Ellenor Vora (Ellenor Victoria Odessa Rose Alice Meijer) is an artist/musician from the Netherlands, who creates dark indie tracks. She creates a dark atmosphere with her fragile voice and dreamy/dissonant guitar lines. Her music is influenced by Daughter and Chelsea Wolfe.


Dani Antal
Dani Antal plays ‘Psychedelic Grunge’ songs on a travel guitar and a loop station. During his performances his Boss RC30 Dual Track Loop Station is the main attraction that will take you on a journey across deserts, beaches, jungles and big cities.



John NotLennon

He was born in The Netherlands, but his heart lives in Liverpool. From very young age he is totally in love with The Beatles and Rock & Roll. During his show, John NotLennon takes you back to the fifties and sixties. With a pince of Buddy Holly, Paul Anka and a lot of Beatles.