During PUURliedjes (de luistersessies) you will hear semi-acoustic versions of songs written by your favorite artists of tomorrow. Date: June 28, 2022. Start: 7.30 pm. Entrance: free


During the renewed PUURliedjes: De Luistersessies, the focus will once again be on the songs and the listening experience. The most beautiful songs will be played in a cozy setting in the hall.


This time with the catchy tunes of Brake Company & The Panic Attacks. The personal Dutch songs of Isa Lauren and the pop ballads of JOEP (feat. Lara).


Isa Lauren



- JOEP (feat. Lara)

  (www.joephoedemakers.nl - www.instagram.com/joephoedemakers/)


Brake Company & the Panic Attacks




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