During PUURliedjes you will hear semi-acoustic versions of songs written by your favorite artists of tomorrow. In the hall, the most beautiful songs will pass by in cozy settings.


Line-up Wednesday, may 31: 


- Bert Kreeft

- Timber

- Sustain muziekgroep

- Jack Harrison 


Bert Kreeft

Bert Kreeft is a Amsterdammer from Zeeland. This means that he sings about passion with metropolitan passion, but also about the fragility of love with the intimacy of a dike house. Henk Westbroek praised his songs, Ivo de Wijs his erudition, the PZC his humour.



Timber is a Dutch singer-songwriter. He makes Americana pop songs inspired by The Beatles that sound like Johnny Mayer. After playing different music styles, his first album was released in 2010: Book of life. Timber writes intimate lyrics that are played with a lot of emotion. In 2014 his song Book of life was nominated for best lyrics at THISSFest.


Sustain muziekgroep

Sustain brings easy listening music. Sustain has a wide repertoire with which they take the audience into the power and beauty of acoustic easy listening. It is summed up in the name of the band: their music resonates long after the last note has been played…


Jack Harrison

Jack Harrison is an English singer/songwriter. He plays an esoteric mix of original indie/folk songs and covers.
He has been playing in the Netherlands since 2014, Jack has developed a unique writing style. He talks about the thoughts in his head with a soft melancholy.
His inspiration comes from artists such as Alex Turner, Johnny Cash, and Hozier.