rock city basics showtime

Rock City Basics is a new course with weekly music lessons in the rehearsal rooms of POPEI. Saturday October 3rd the students will present themselves. The first real gig after only 10 lessons skills- and bandcoaching! Because of Corona, this will be a closed, invitation only, event.

With the vision of Rock City Institute, the succesfull pop music school of the Summa College, participants will work on instrumental skills on drums, bassguitar, guitar, keys or vocals and they will learn to play together in a band.

Rock City Basics aims for musicians from 15 years or older that don’t have a lot of experience in a band, but want to play together with others. The musical styles are mostly pop/rock/indie/alternative. They also stimulate the student to writer their own songs.

Rock City Institute is for years the best MBO music school from The Netherlands and in the music industry mostly known by former students like Stef Classens, Rochelle, Sharon Kovacs, Black-Bone and The Young Retros, the band from Bertus Borgers. Teachters and students from the college will design this course now together, with on every Saturday a lesson. They work towards a live gig in POPEI.

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