heavy relief

Benefit concert for earthquake relief with live on stage ENMA, Ylisia, The Astoria and more tba!


Tickets: €10,- 



On 6th of February, two major earthquakes hit south-central Turkey and northern Syria. The earthquakes affected ten cities in Turkey and also affected Syria, with an impact area of about 350,000 km2, about the size of Germany.


An estimated 14 million people, 16% of Turkey’s population, were affected. More than 57.300 deaths were confirmed. It is estimated that 1.5 million people were left homeless. Damages were estimated to be 104 billion USD in Turkey. It will take years to rebuild what’s collapsed, and for a long while people will need shelter until they can find a new place. This indicates that short-term support will not be enough, and the earthquake relief efforts would continue for months or even years.


In order to help the earthquake relief efforts and raise awareness, Mexpo and Fonema are organising a fundraiser concert. All the revenue from the ticket sales will be donated to “ahbap”, a non-governmental organisation from Turkey who have been actively involved in fundraising for the affected areas from the very first day, helping the victims by supplying all possible needs.


The concert is scheduled on June 23rd at Popei in Eindhoven. We are planning to raise money by ticket sales. The venue, organization and technicians all volunteered their free-of-charge cooperation, but we are looking for bands, perhaps relevant speakers during the breaks or other ways of contributing to this event.


If you’re interested, please contact us on info@mexpo.online


Line-up so far:



Haling from Tilburg, the unofficial Dutch capital of heavy music, Emna offers a wide array of heaviness. From progressive metal riffs to plowing 90s grunge grooves, from introspective melancholia to fierce outbursts. For fans of Tool, Opeth, Alice in Chains and Katatonia.



Ylisia is a Dutch symphonic metal band with influences from: 80's metal/rock, the Gathering, Kate Bush, Evanescence, Within Temptation & Stream of Passion.


The Astoria

The Astoria from Eindhoven plays garage/rocknroll like they did in the late 60's early 70's. Inspired by bands such as the Stooges, MC5, the Rolling Stones, Small Faces and the Sonics. Rough up-tempo songs with catchy choruses that invite you to dance and sing along, with wonderful guitar solos and now and then a nice whining organ. Enough experience in this band with members of the Dirty Denims and NL punk legends Jabberwocky, so expect an energetic live show on stage!


+ more tba!