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We like to serve tap water because it is tasty, healthy and sustainable. Unfortunately, there are still many countries where people have to walk hours a day to get water that is often polluted too. They cannot work or go to school and can never build a healthy existence.


That's why we serve Water MADE BLUE. That is deliciously cooled water that we filter and bottle on the spot. We donate MADE BLUE for each bottle we put on the table. In this way, we ensure 1000 times as much water in countries with permanent water scarcity as in Ethiopia, Côte d'Ivoire and Senegal. You will read everything on the MADE BLUE website:


Water MADE BLUE is locally bottled water. That's a lot more sustainable than water bottled in a factory because it saves a lot of transport and bottles in the glass jar. We pour water into our own bottles from a water cooler that filters our tap water and carbonates. We clean the bottles after use so that we can keep reusing them.


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A farewell party for an employee, or just celebrating a success? POPEI is the location for companies to have an informal reception in the inspiring environment of Strijp-S.


You can organise the reception as you wish. Various snacks are available and you can also request an  à la carte dinner or a buffet. POPEI would love to brainstorm some ideas with you.


For more information and to make a reservation please contact Jack or Kim on  +31 40 24 31 444 or send an email to

POPEI is suitable for different kinds of (in)formal (business)activities in the inspiring neighborhood of Strijp-S. These include activities such as presentations, meetings, study- and/or workshop days and corporate events, but also weddings, baby...
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‘Smells like team spirit’ Are you organising a company party or team day?  By making music together you create a great team-building event, in addition to enjoying a fun activity.  Get to know your colleagues on a whole ...
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