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The prices mentioned (and the prices of our online booking system) are only valid for musicians and bands who book a rehearsal for themselves. For companies and organisations are other prices, please contact us for more information.


Confirmation & contracts
Your booking will be confirmed AFTER finishing the payment. The amount that you need to pay will always be 12 rehearsals or less when you choose for less rehearsals.


ATTENTION: When you choose for a year contract and confirm it by paying the first 12 rehearsals, you start a binding contract in which you will commit yourself to pay all the other payments too. You can't cancel a contract after confirming.


When are the rehearsal rooms available?

All weekdays from 10.00 till 00.00 hours. Saturdays from 11.00 till 00.00 hours. Sundays from 11.00 till 22.00 hours.


How much in advance can I book a rehearsal room?

You can book rehearsals or start new subscriptions till 90 days in advance. 


Until when can I book a rehearsal room for next weekend?
Be aware that for rehearsals on Saturdays and Sundays you only can book before Friday 17.00 h because of preparations that need to be done. 


Can I move rehearsals and/or book extra backline?

You can bove rehearsals and/or add extra backline.

  • You can move or change rehearsals on Monday till Friday till same day 17.00 h, or 2 hours before the start when it's a rehearsal in morning/afternoon.
  • You can move or change rehearsals on Saturday or Sunday till Friday 17.00 h.
  • When you move the rehearsal from the weekend to a day during the week you need to pay extra, the system shows you how much and you can pay immediatly.
  • When you move the rehearsal from a day during the week to the weekend you don't get your money back. 
  • You can move a rehearsal to a date max 30 days after the original rehearsal date, but needs to fall within the validity of the quarter or year contract. The validity of a one-time rehearsal is 6 months. 


Can I cancel a rehearsal?
It's not possible to cancel rehearsals or backline-items. You can't rehearse on that day anymore? Then it's best you move the rehearsal (see the question above).


What are the minimum and maximum durations possible?
Depending on the time and availability you can book rehearsal rooms for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours. On evenings (after 18.00 h) it's only possible to book 4 hours.


Can I rehearse cheaper?

Yes you can! Besides the possibility to book a one-time rehearsal there are 3 kinds of contracts:

  • Quarter contract with 12 rehearsals: 10% discount
  • Year contract with 24 rehearsals: 15% discount
  • Year contract with 48 rehearsals: 25% discount


After that you also have the right for 1 of the underneath discounts (if appropriate). Always the highest discount will be used. All discounts are also valid for the backline:

  • When you rehearse in the weekend (Valid from Friday 18.00 h till Sunday) you will get 25% discount.
  • Youth (3/4 of the band members are student and/or younger than 22 years) get 40% discount.
  • Solo musicians will get 50% discount. 

Can I rehearse in the same room each time?

When you choose a contract, the system will look for the same room as much as possible.


Bands with a year contract get a 'room of preference', so they are sure to have the same room after prolonging the contract. Herefor you need to book a new contract one month before the end of the contract. We advice you to do that 6 weeks before the end. Mark this in your agenda the moment when you book a year contract. 


Which backline is included and how can I book backline?

The studios that are available to rent all have a small PA system (for example for vocals), but they are leased without any backline equipment or microphones. A backline can be rented separately. When booking a contract you can choose for the backline for ALL rehearsals at the same time. After that you can always book extra backline for a specific rehearsal, you can pay that then immediatly online. Please be aware that choosen backline can't be canceled afterwards. 


I want to rehearse with my own backline, can I rent a storage room?

You can always choose to bring your own backilne. It's also possible to rent a storage room (only when available, musicians with a year contract have priority). The price is 17,50 euro per month. Want to know more? Contact us.

How can I pay?

The reservation(s) will be final only AFTER the payment. The amount of needed payment is always 12 rehearsals or less when you choose for less. 


You'll get an automatic mail when you've had the last paid rehearsal. You can then pay for the next 12 rehearsals. 


What kind of rooms do you have available?

We have 13 practice studios of 40 m2. You can book these yourself via our online booking system. Besides those rooms we have a concert hall. Do you want to rehearse in one of these rooms? Contact us. 

You want to lock yourself up in a rehearsal room with your bandmembers to write new songs, preparing yourself for the studio with pre-production or getting ready for that special gig?


That's possible, even with 50% discount!


In the middle of the creative and inspiring surroundings of Strijp-S, with Blue Collar hotel around the corner when needed. Delicious food an drings are never far away. With a nice park at 5 minutes walking distance there is even inspiration from nature!


With our special weekend package you have access to a rehearsal room the whole weekend:

- Saturday from 10.00 - 00.00 h.

- Sunday from 10.00 - 00.00 h. 


28 hours access to a rehearsal room, the price including 25% weekend discount would be 181,65 euro.


But with this package you'll get even 50% EXTRA discount, and you'll pay only 90,83 euro!



You can't book this special weekend deal via our online bookingssystem. Because of that, please contact us on (+31) 40 24 31 444 (Monday to Friday between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm) or send an email to 

POPEI is proud of the POPEI app! With the app you can easy book your next rehearsal ánd as user of our rehearsal rooms you also have a valid digital POPEI member pass which ge...
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The prices below (and the prices of our online booking system) are only valid for musicians and bands who book a rehearsal for themselves. For companies and organisations are other prices, please contact us for more information.




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